MSEXTRA and MS3 Developer Donations


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The developers of MSEXTRA and MS3 have invested hundreds of hours in coding and supporting the Megasquirt firmwares to deliver what our users are requesting. They* receive some reward through royalties, but if you appreciate our work and feel we went above and beyond, you may wish to make a voluntary contribution.

* "They" is James Murray, Kenneth Culver, Philip Ringwood and Philip Tobin

Click a Donate button for the firmware you use and you will be taken to Paypal.


The MS1/Extra firmware took the original 8x8 fuel only MS1 B&G firmware to a whole new level. Spark output, dwell control, regular wheel decoding, Neon wheel decoder, launch control, nitrous control, water injection, switched tables, traction control and more.

Donations by Paypal to

Split is:
47.5% Philip Ringwood
47.5% James Murray
5% set aside for other contributors

If you contributed code to MS1/Extra and feel you should be considered, please contact us.


The MS2/Extra firmware took the original MS2 B&G and extended it with the features from MS1/Extra. Every-tooth wheel decoding, a whole host of OEM wheel patterns, up to six spark outputs, EAE fuel enrichment, switchable tables, closed-loop idle, boost, nitrous control, built-in tooth analyser, increased precision in calculations.
Most recently 4 cyl sequential fuel control was added.

Donations by Paypal to

Split is:
45% James Murray
45% Kenneth Culver
10% Jean Belanger


The MS3 firmware builds on MS2/Extra but takes it to a new level again. Up to 8 cyl sequential fuel and spark, more switched tables, fuel trim, spark trim, SD card datalogging, generic PWM outputs, support for sensor inputs, increased spark precision, refinements in boost control, progressive nitrous control and more.

Donations by Paypal to

Split is:
70% James Murray
30% Kenneth Culver