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Here is a summary of the main downloads needed to support the Megasquirt products.

Not sure what product you have? See What Megasquirt have I got??

Remember that Megasquirt firmware is only licensed for use on approved Megasquirt hardware, see the licenses summary sheet.

Click here for Megasquirt web-based manuals.
Tuning Software TunerStudio setup instructions
Megasquirt 1, MSPNP, EMSpro Firmware loading instructions
Megasquirt 2 (MS2), Microsquirt, DIYPNP, MSPNP2 Firmware loading instructions in Setting Up manual
Megasquirt 3 (MS3), MS3-Pro, MS3-Gold Instructions
Utilities portcheck.exe utility (Windows only)  
Licenses PDFMegasquirt Licenses summary sheet  

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