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MegaSquirt v2.2 with Mallory
Unilite Optical Distributor

Only for use with the MS1 Extra code (MS1 - 68H908 based microprocessors)

By Philip Ringwood (daxtojeiro), James Murrey (jsmcortina) and Ken Calver (muythaibxr)

Please Note:

All of these instructions / diagrams are to be used at your own risk, like most things there is more than one way to do the same thing, what we have tried to do is to offer a method that we have tested or that others have tested for us. No warranty expressed or implied.

Use at your own risk.

Below is the wiring for the Unitlite optical trigger driving the MegaSquirt ECU. Add a 470 ohm 1 watt resistor to +12 as shown. Alternately add the 470 ohm resistor internally to MegaSquirt at +12V and to D5 where it connects to pin 24. Make all the green jumper connections as shown.

You can test your input connection by monitoring IRQ-1 at R11. First set up MS to monitor IRQ with the center front panel LED. Disconnect power to the coil. Put on the hand brake and the transmission in neutral. Now turn the engine such that the crank pulley passes from 20º BTDC to TDC. The IRQ LED should go from On to OFF at ~10º BTDC for most cars with distributor (but it may be from 5º to 15º, usually this is called the static timing)

The MegaSquirt V3.0 will in turn then drive a single external coil.

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