Fuel Only Settings
No Spark

Only for use with the MS1 Extra code (MS1 - 68H908 based microprocessors)

By Philip Ringwood (daxtojeiro), James Murrey (jsmcortina) and Ken Calver (muythaibxr)

Please Note:

All of these instructions / diagrams are to be used at your own risk, like most things there is more than one way to do the same thing, what we have tried to do is to offer a method that we have tested or that others have tested for us. No warranty expressed or implied.

Use at your own risk.

If using a distributor based setup and fuel only with the trigger coming from the coil's '-' (negative) terminal, then you can simply turn off all of the first 7 options in the Codebase and Output Functions, this will ensure all of the spark setting screens are greyed out.