MS2-Extra Ignition Hardware Manual

Only for use with the MS2-Extra code (HC9S12C64 based microprocessor - MS2 Daughter Board)

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NOTE: Please ensure you have one of these daughter boards inside your ECU before continuing. If you have a black microprocessor, then you have an MS1 and these manuals are NOT for MS1 see here for MS1-Extra Manuals

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Ignition Selection

Select the Ignition Setup Option for your vehicle. Next select the Trigger Input Option (depending on what Version of MS PCB you have) for the trigger type that's fitted to your engine. Then select the Spark Output Option for your setup.

Layout of MS PCB's:
V3.0 PCB -- V3.57 PCB

Component Schematics -- List of Component Part Numbers

Ignition Setup Options:

Ford EDIS -- Ordinary Distributor -- GM HEI, GMDIS

Trigger Return Distributor -- Ford TFI -- Missing Tooth Wheel (e.g. Ford 36-1, etc)

Dual Wheel -- Nippondenso CAS -- LS1 (24X) Trigger -- LS2 (58X) Trigger

Oddfire Distributor -- Neon/420A -- 36-2+2 (Next Gen Neon) -- 36-2-2-2

99-00 Miata -- Mitsubushi 6G72 (3000GT) -- IAW Weber-Marelli

Subaru 6/7 -- 4/1 CAS -- 4G63 (4/2 CAS) -- Renix 44-2-2

Twin Trigger -- Suzuki Swift -- Suzuki Vitara 2.0

Ignition (Pickup) Trigger Input wiring:

For all ignition pickup / tach inputs, see the tach input page

Ignition Output Spark Wiring:

Single Coil Output (Distributor) -- MSD Amplifier -- 2 Coil Outputs (4cyl Wasted Spark)

3 or 4 Coil Outputs (6 and 8 cy Wasted Spark or 4cyl COP without ignitors)

Driving 2 Coils from the same Spark Output (6 or 8 cyl COP without ignitors)

COPs with Ignitors (4 or 5 pinned)

V3.57 PCB

As can be seen, theres no proto area on the V3.57 and the components are very small. So soldering wires onto the board for spark outputs, hardware options, etc, is going to need a great deal of care. You may even have to remove some parts, which is not easily done to surface mount components, so I don't feel these manuals should cover doing this, as damage is very easy to do. Also a daughter board will need to be built if you want some of the hardware options as theres no proto area to build on. I have therefore assumed if you bought a V3.57 that you will not be modifying it to use the hardware functions such as Tacho out, PWM Idle valves, Boost control, Launch input, etc, etc. If you do wish to use these then you will have to build a daughter board of some form to mount the components on. If you use more than 2 spark outputs youll need to use the db15 connector, but ensure you strengthen the traces on the board with copper wire or solder to the pin directly, also connect the outputs in pairs of pins, as per the instructions HERE.

Note that the JS0 - JS11 pads are all electrically the same as the V3.0 PCB as are the SPR1 - 4 pads, so they can be used in the same way as the V3.0 PCB. The addition is JS12 wich is the same as the bottom of R1 on the V3.0 pcb, but R1 will still need to be removed to use it on the V3.57, so be very very carefull !!!

Suggested points for Supplies inside the V3.0 ECU



Component Pinouts

Pull up circuit diagram

List of component part numbers used in the ignition section:

DigiKey part numbers:

Farnell part numbers

2N2222A = 497-2598-5-ND
1N4001 = 1N4001/4GICT-ND
1K resistor = 1.0KQBK-ND
470R resistor = 470QBK-ND
2K resistor = 2.0KQBK-NB
330R resistor = 330QBK-ND
680R resistor = 680QBK-ND
200R resistor = 200QBK-ND
270R resistor = 270QBK-ND
1K5 resistor = 1.5KQBK-ND
4K7 resistor = 4.7KQBK-ND
0.01uF Cap = P3103-ND
4N25 (opto) = 4N25ASHORT-ND

2N2222A = 920-7120
1N4001 = 352-5326
1K resistor = 509-164
470R resistor = 543-305
2K resistor = 543-457
330R resistor = 543-263
680R resistor = 543-342
200R resistor = 543-214
270R resistor = 543-240
1K5 resistor = 543-421
4K7 resistor = 543-548
0.01uF Cap = 389-0995
4N25 (opto) = 102-1090

Please note: Above part numbers will need checking, some components will come with a minimum order in multiples of 5 and 10.

Oddfire distributor

Only available in MS2/Extra 2.x codes.
This is new in MS2/Extra and is intended to run engines like the oddfire chevy V6 which has a single input trigger but offset crank journals. Enter constants as normal and on the More ignition options, specify the "Oddfire small angle". For example on the chevy V6 of one year, the spacings are 90deg, 150deg, so enter the 90 figure

Ignition (Pickup) Trigger Input wiring

For all ignition pickup / tach inputs, see the tach input page

Ignition Output / Spark Wiring

For all spark/ignition outputs, see the spark/ignition output page

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