MS2-Extra TFI Manual

Only for use with the MS2-Extra code (HC9S12C64 based microprocessor - MS2 Daughter Board)

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NOTE: Please ensure you have one of these daughter boards inside your ECU before continuing. If you have a black microprocessor, then you have an MS1 and these manuals are NOT for MS1 see here for MS1-Extra Manuals

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Layout of Components -- Suggested Supply points

Ford Thick Film Integrated IV Ignition Systems (TFI)

MS Input Wiring -- MS Output Wiring -- TFI Schematic -- Settings

There are a number of variants of TFI
- 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder and 8 cylinder
- "signature" or normal vanes. (The signature ones have one short vane and one long gap.)
- "Push Start" or "Computer Controlled Dwell" (CCD)

Here is the pinout of a typical dizzy mounted module, consult you Haynes manual if necessary.

Board Mods - input side
The input side on the MS board is fairly straightforward, most boards will need no changes.
For all boards you connect the TFI PIP wire to the Megasquirt TACH input which is DB37 pin 24.

Input Mods: See also the TFI Output mods drawings HERE




NOTE!! If you are using an aftermarket spark box like MSD you can skip the special circuit and use a regular "LED17" spark output. See the MSD Output Wiring under HERE. If you do this you must also configure your spark type as Basic Trigger Mode!!!

When using the TFI module to drive the coil carry out the following: (NOT for an MSD)





Wiring the TFI Module


Microsquirt V3 Wiring

For Microsquirt, no internal modifications are required.
Connect the 'PIP' signal to VR1-. Leave VR1+ unconnected and tape it up. See here.
Set the Spark Output to 'WLED' in the software.
Install a 1k (1/4W) resistor between WLED and 12V. Connected WLED to 'SPOUT' on the TFI module.
microsquirt / TFI



The Trigger Angle should be specified as 10°

The Spark Output must be set to Going High (Inverted) and use D14 for the Spark A output pin so the above drawings apply.

 In a future release there will be support for signature PIP mode, but to use one of these now, use basic trigger mode with the 10 degree Trigger Angle triggering off the even edge of the vanes.

In More Ignition Options select the output so its a Fixed Duty of 50%

Suggested points for Supplies inside the V3.0 ECU



Pull up circuit diagram


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