Megasquirt Downloads Firmware and Software

Firmware updates are provided free of charge to Megasquirt customers, see the Megasquirt Licenses summary sheet.

Tuning Software Downloads

Download ‘TunerStudioMS’ for tuning and ‘MegaLogViewer’ for datalog analysis  from EFI Analytics website.

Megasquirt-3 Firmware Downloads

For Megasquirt-3 (MS3, MS3X), MS3-Pro, MSPNP-Pro, MS3-Gold ECUs and plug’n’play ECUs based on the MS3-Pro-module

The driver for the built-in USB-serial adapter is available from FTDI’s website. You most likely want to download and run the ‘setup executable’.
MS3 Development releases.
MS3 Archive releases.

Megasquirt-2 Firmware Downloads

For Megasquirt-2 (MS2), Microsquirt, MSPNP2 ECUs and plug’n’play ECUs based on the Microsquirt-module.

MS2 Development releases.
MS2 Archive releases.

Megasquirt-1 Firmware Downloads

For Megasquirt-1 (MS1) ECUs  including MSPNP and EMS-Pro.

MS1/Extra Archive releases.

Microsquirt Transmission Control Firmware Downloads

Archive and development releases

Microsquirt IO-Box Firmware Downloads


The ‘portcheck’ utility allow you to test the serial and USB-serial comms ports on your tuning computer. (Windows only.)

The ‘port scan’ utility tests serial and USB-serial comms ports for local and CAN-connected expansion devices. (Windows only.)
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PDF manuals for all products are available from the Manuals menu.

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