MS2/Extra pre-3.4.3 beta 2 (obsolete)

To announce the release of “MS2/Extra Pre 3.4.3 beta 2” this follows “MS2/Extra pre-3.4.3 beta 1”

Who should use this code?
Experienced users wanting to test the new features or users experiencing bugs fixed by this version.

Who should not use this code?
New or casual users – please use the current release code instead – see the Downloads page linked above.

Main changes since pre-3.4.3 beta 1
Bug fixes:
Fix test mode dwell calc for main and trailing spark outputs.
Boost target is kPa not %.
Fix ‘=’ condition in on/off outputs (ancient bug)
Remove erroneous check for boost pins vs. seq inj.
Back-port low RPM dwell overflow fix from MS3.

Changed features:
AFRtarget uses target table even if no sensors configured.
Add “No correction” EGO option.

oddfireang decimal

Be sure to read the RELEASE-NOTES.txt and README.txt. Especially note that “Not Synced” has been renamed to “Not RPM synced”.

Upgrading users are advised to enable the “old baro calc” for backwards compatability.

The current TunerStudio (2.6.0 or later) is required.

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