MS2/Extra pre-3.4 alpha 9 (obsolete)

To announce the release of “MS2/Extra Pre 3.4 alpha 9” this follows pre-3.4 alpha8

ETA on this 3.4.x code becoming release is 3-6 months.

Who should use this code?
Experienced users wanting to test the new features.

Who should not use this code?
New or casual users – please use the current release code instead – see the Downloads page linked above.

Main changes since pre-3.4 alpha 8
Bug fixes:
Allow loggers in passthrough (MSG_REQX)

Changed features:
Tweaks to CAN code.
Cam sensor / MAP sensor UI, tooltip and config error message tweaks.
Grey out and ignore cam input setting in “Single Wheel” mode.
Remove most of old MS2/BG EDIS interrupt code to eliminate divides. EDIS now implemented like MS3 and uses standard noise filter setttings. Tests ok on bench, but requires on-vehicle testing. *CAUTION*

Serial debug not compiled in by default.

As per alpha8, this firmware includes a big re-write of the CAN system which we believe gives far more reliable passthrough operation.
The EDIS re-write needs on engine validation. EDIS users MUST re-verify their timing with a strobe.

Be sure to read the RELEASE-NOTES.txt and README.txt. Especially note that “Not Synced” has been renamed to “Not RPM synced”.

The current TunerStudio (2.6.0 or later) is required.

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