MS2/Extra pre-3.4 beta 11 (obsolete)

To announce the release of “MS2/Extra Pre 3.4 beta 11” this follows pre-3.4 beta10

ETA on this 3.4.x code becoming release is 2 months.

Who should use this code?
Experienced users wanting to test the new features.

Who should not use this code?
New or casual users – please use the current release code instead – see the Downloads page linked above.

Main changes since pre-3.4 beta 10
Bug fixes:

Changed features:
Default to not dividing by outpc.baro in fuel calc. Add compatability option for it.
Remove TPS bypass limit, use hard limit.
Make CLT revlim same as MS3 – above top temperature use hard limit instead of curve.

ini tweaks
Rearrange revlim calc.

Be sure to read the RELEASE-NOTES.txt and README.txt. Especially note that “Not Synced” has been renamed to “Not RPM synced”.

Upgrading users are advised to enable the “old baro calc” for backwards compatability.

The current TunerStudio (2.6.0 or later) is required.

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