Megasquirt Forum Introduction

The primary user support forum for Megasquirt customers is at

There are many helpful users on the forum who will try to help with any (Megasquirt) questions you may have. Before posting for the first time you need to collect your thoughts and refer to the following guidance…

Be polite
Most other forum users are giving free advice, so do not be rude to them. Note that you do NOT have a ‘right’ to support on this forum. The tiny minority of rude or insulting users will most likely be ignored or even banned.

Post in the right section
What is your question?
Most questions are about how to install or tune your Megasquirt. These belong in the support sections related to your Megasquirt version.

Not sure what version you have? Check your purchase invoice and/or look at the What Megasquirt Do I Have page for photos.

The main support sections are:

MS3 General Support
Megasquirt 3 questions. Building, wiring, configuring, tuning.

MS2/Extra, MS2, Microsquirt and Microsquirt module support
Megasquirt 2, Microsquirt cased and Microsquirt module questions. Building, wiring, configuring, tuning.

MS1/Extra support
Megasquirt 1 questions. Building, wiring, configuring, tuning.

If unsure, post in “General / new users” (the admins may move the topic to the right section for you)
Sometimes, you may have a question about using the tuning software itself. Note this is NOT about the menu options or how to tune – those questions belong in the sections already mentioned.

for questions about or problems with TunerStudio itself (installation, communications etc.)




The Development sections are for discussion of software development of the Megasquirt firmware. New users should ordinarily be using the ‘release’ firmware versions and will be unlikely to use these sections. Feel free to read if you wish.

Provide enough information about your install
The forum is international and there is a huge variation of models and availability around the world. Assume we have never heard of your car, bike, engine. Tell us fully what it is, what crank and cam trigger wheels, coil types, injector types etc it has.

You also need to state what firmware code version you are running. You can find that out from the title bar of your tuning software. The firmware is the piece of software that runs on the Megasquirt controller itself – it performs all of the engine control. The tuning software runs on your PC and allows you to change settings, it performs no control functions.

From the above image you can see that the author was using:
– Tuning software = TunerStudioMS version 2.5.05
– Firmware = MS2/Extra release 3.3.1

Save your settings ‘MSQ’
You really do need to attach these to your post!
Very often you will see reference to ‘MSQ’ this is the name given to the tuning settings file saved to your PC from the tuning software. Other users can read this file to see what settings you have and give you suggests if they see problems.
If you do not attach this file, then the only replies you are likely to get will say “Please post your MSQ and a datalog”

First you need to capture these files. The MSQ is your tuning settings. To save this use File->SaveAs in TunerStudio.

This will save your MSQ with the date and time as the filename. You might want to add a comment at the end.

Take a datalog
If you have attempted to start your engine or have it running, then you should take a datalog and post that too. A normal sized datalog to post would be in the region of one to five minutes long. Any shorter and there probably will not be enough information. If you are not yet ready to start your engine, then it is ok to skip this.

Starting a datalog

Stopping the datalog

Making your post
Now that you have collected the MSQ and datalog, you are ready to type up your post.

Unless you are having EXACTLY the same issue as another user, please start a new topic, using the New Topic button.

Having typed your post, click on the Upload Attachment tab and Browse. Find the MSQ file you saved, select it and OK/Open. Then type in a short comment about it and Add File

Repeat for the Datalog file you saved.

Finished result

Why isn’t my post in the listing?
To reduce spammers, the first post you ever make is moderated. So you have to wait for the moderators to take a look which might take up to one day. Please do not immediately post the same thing again.

What if nobody replies?
If there are no replies after a few days, you can reply to your own post asking if anyone has any ideas. Sometimes posts get missed.

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