How many engines running on MS2/Extra

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Re: How many engines running on MS2/Extra

Postby Vicoor » Fri Jul 23, 2010 5:31 am

Sunny D, that's my '93 Toyota P/U, Has been running on extra for about 2 months.


22RE 5spd 2WD
MS2-extra 3.0.3u
36-1 crankwheel/vr, 1 tooth vr cam sensor conditioned to square wave by VAST ignintion module
was running closed loop idle, but currently just warm up PWM
Currently running semisequential injection, will be full sequential tonight or tommorow

as soon as I can gather the necessary bits, I'm gong to implement sequential spark as well.
Don't Talk About it,,,Just Do It!
1993 Toyota P/U 22RE V3.0 MS2/Extra 3.4.2 Full sequential Injection & Spark
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Re: How many engines running on MS2/Extra

Postby matt_gsxr » Mon Aug 16, 2010 3:30 am

just ported from ms1 hi-res extra to ms2 extra. Slight starting problems, but otherwise even better than before.

gsxr1100wp engine (bored to 1146) with fancy high comp pistons, oversized valves, lots of headwork and kent cams (ex racing sidecar engine)
4x180ml/min inner injectors, 4x200ml/min outers (spraying from airbox above 7kRPM), with gsxr1000 throttle bodies (secondaries removed) and home-made airbox with ram-air
12-1 trigger wheel, using stock VR sensor and an LM1815 circuit for conditioning
Lc-1 for home tuned fueling, and spark map copied from gsf1200 stock ignition (with tweaks)

fitted into a Sylva Phoenix kit car (~450kg)

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Re: How many engines running on MS2/Extra

Postby Anders Karlsson » Thu Aug 19, 2010 2:07 pm

Upgraded from MS2 B&G code to latest MS-extra release. Engine started almost directly after i plugged my injectors back in the loom... :oops:
Disconnected the injectors and ignition coil at first, wanted to try the tooth logger without risking the engine starting.

Engine data:
Opel (Vauxhall) Senator 3 litre 24 valve straight six, engine code C30SE.
Stock engine, matchported cyl. head and intake manifold. Stock cams and exhaust manifold.
Lightened flywheel, balanced crank and wheight matched rods/pistons.

MS2-extra, V3 mainboard with VR-trigger. Single coil/distributor setup.
MSD 6A single coil with stock distributor.
Stock 60-2 triggerwheel.
390 cc Volvo injectors, high-Z.

Imported my old VE and ignition tables, tuned the engine on rolling road last year.
Result was 200 hp and 292 Nm @ wheels. Estimated 238 hp and 332 Nm @ crank. Factory states 204 hp and 270 Nm @crank.

Hope to get the engine running more smoothly at idle, i will try to use the stock 2 wire Bosch PWM idlevalve.
Anyone who runs a similar setup? All info is welcome! :)
Anders Karlsson
Opel Commodore -77
3,0 24V N/A straight six
MS2-extra V3 mainboard
Anders Karlsson
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Re: How many engines running on MS2/Extra

Postby mxrob » Mon Aug 23, 2010 3:47 am

MS2/Extra v3.03u with µs on Suzuki DR650 dual sport thumper.

Using LT-R450 fueling components, 36/1 crankwheel, Nology coil.
DR650FI, µs on 650cc thumper, fuel and ignition!
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Re: How many engines running on MS2/Extra

Postby iti_uk » Wed Aug 25, 2010 12:20 pm

Another success story here.

Video evidence - EDIS+COPs an' all!

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Re: How many engines running on MS2/Extra

Postby krisstek » Sat Sep 11, 2010 2:32 pm

a little peugeot 205 now runs ms2 extra!!!
mi16 engine ,jenwey 42mm individual throttlebody.alfa-n,2 coils wastespark
i spend a lot of time to set up it,accel enricment led flashing....why?bad idle...
modify tps filter,from 50 to 10 and...miracle engine runs perfect!
best ecu,great work.
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Re: How many engines running on MS2/Extra

Postby ChevelleFan » Sun Sep 12, 2010 4:59 pm

I got my Chevy 350 fired up on MSExtra 2.1.0d this weekend running fuel + spark. 350 Chevy, 9.8:1 compression, Vortec heads, 220/224 @ .050", .474/.474 lift, Holley Stealth Ram with 22 lb/hr injectors (too small). 8-pin HEI, triggering an MSD-6AL/Blaster 2 Coil.

My LC-1 isn't working properly, so I'm just running off the auto-generated VE table from Megatune and the default spark table, and am surprised at how drivable the car is just with that. It's certainly not ideal, but at least usable.

'70 Chevelle zz383/700r4/3.55 MS2-Extra, Holley Stealthram, 12.18 @ 109
'92 Saturn 1.9 DOHC/5sp, MS2-Extra
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Re: How many engines running on MS2/Extra

Postby TAOL » Sat Sep 18, 2010 1:12 pm

Toyota MR2 Turbo Rev2 3S-GTE

MS2 with ExtraEFI code and V3.0 board built by ExtraEFI.
Is now producing 245bhp @ flywheel after 2nd session on the rolling road.
Using standard dizzy for the dual VR sensors but running wasted spark using Ford coil pack.
Plan is to use toothed wheel on crank and remove dizzy all together.
TVIS controlled by MS ECU.
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Re: How many engines running on MS2/Extra

Postby rusty105 » Mon Sep 20, 2010 8:48 am

1986 Mustang GT

'87 longblock (.030 over, all other specs unknown, I bought it this way)

MSII v3.0 Running MsExtra 2.1.0q
EEC-IV Adapter, Stock wiring harness untouched.
Single NB o2 (will be wideband in a week or two :D )
Using Stock Ford IAC valve

Starts when warm (over 120°F) and can drive lightly loaded, it will ping a little when you really get in it, but can drive it around. Still have to work out a surge at 'parking lot speeds'

Issues to work out:
  • Cold starts
  • Low speed surge
  • Rolling idle (had it with stock ECU as well)
  • Finish tuning thwe VE and Spark tables

Stuff to be added
  • Fan control
  • 2nd o2 sensor
  • Oil temp sensor
  • MAF ?? Maybe
  • Closed Loop Idle

I am sure I have missed some, but that is the bulk of it.

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Re: How many engines running on MS2/Extra

Postby Hahns5.2 » Thu Sep 23, 2010 10:26 pm

My first turbo and standalone/tuning project!

I've got a 95 Dodge Dakota, 5.2 v8 5 speed 4x4. I used a Holset H1C turbo and made a remote turbo setup. I originally used an Aeromotive digital FMU and MSD BTM for tuning but after only a couple weeks I realized the FMU wasn't cutting it.

I set it up so it's fuel only, stock PCM still controls ignition (still have the BTM to pull timing) and the IAC.

Still a lot of tuning to go but I've been driving it for over a week now :yeah!:
95 Dakota, 5.2, 5 speed, 4x2, HX40, 12PSI, MS3X, 42lb Bosch Design 3 Injectors, AEM UEGO.
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Re: How many engines running on MS2/Extra

Postby RNAsEqUeNcE » Sat Sep 25, 2010 8:50 pm

ms2 extra 2.1.0

1986 Volvo 244 Turbo

86' block
ebay t04e turbo
unitek phase 1 turbo cam
srt4 neon 520 CC injectors
940 turbo intercooler/radiator
single coil control/ bosch 139 module
hall sensor distributor input
innovate lc-1 wideband 02 sensor
3" downpipe
Bilstein HD and Miata BilsteinHD in rear converted to fit volvo
cut ipd lowering springs in front, mercedes springs in rear.

runs, barely. lots of problems getting it to run right and settings proper. it's a mess, honestly.
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Re: How many engines running on MS2/Extra

Postby tobmag » Mon Sep 27, 2010 3:08 am

MS2 V3 extra code 2.0.1d

Fitted on a -76 Jaguar V12
36-1 trigger with VR sensor
Wasted spark via 3x MSD Edis coils
Lock-up control (Fidle)
"fast raod" cams (re-grind)
Length tuned bellmothed runners,
Increased plenum volume
Increased TB diameter and moved to front of plenum
Length tuned exhaust down pipes
Origional 200cc injectors
AEM analog style WB
AEM analog EGT

Is now running OK after sorting out some re-boot issues (bad ground)
Still all mapping left but winter is coming on quick here so might need to wait to next spring.....

Some vids while running on Alpha N, have now switched over to Speed Density

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Re: How many engines running on MS2/Extra

Postby Simple Simon » Sun Oct 10, 2010 10:29 am

MS2 V3 Extra code fitted on a 95 TVR Chimaera with the Serpentine 4.0 Rover V8 running EDIS 8 mapped with the help of a Innovate WB LM2 kit(great WB since latest firmware update :? wasn't before :x )switch-able maps & shift light option,very happy with progress fine tuning and learning all the time thanks to these forums,flashed the firmware a few times since no issues there,plan fit my spare 4.6 over the Autumn with cylinder head mods and cam change. :yeah!: but if funds don't permit I will be getting this motor to spin up instead :twisted: have another install to do on my brothers TVR V8 car over the winter and may look into coil direct fire at a later date with the external coil & inj board :RTFM: lots of people are scared off with all the reading but for me that's part of the fun :D
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TVR Chimaera running MS2E & EDIS 8 wasted spark on the Rover V8.
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Re: How many engines running on MS2/Extra

Postby m3ltd0wn » Mon Oct 25, 2010 4:35 am

ms2extra 2.1.0 on vw golf mk2 gti 2.0 8v

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Re: How many engines running on MS2/Extra

Postby Trump » Mon Oct 25, 2010 3:02 pm

Triumph TR3A MS2 Extra V3.
Wasted spark 2 x DIS Coils.
Semi Sequential Injection.(Port)
60-2 Triger Wheel
Sydney Australia
Triumph TR3A. MS3X, Fully Sequential Injection, Wasted spark, 60-2 crank wheel.
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Re: How many engines running on MS2/Extra

Postby James » Thu Nov 11, 2010 4:24 pm

Another Triumph to add to the list.

Triumph 2000 running MS2 Extra, 36-1 wheel, wasted spark

Engine highly modified!

Documentation here; ... ph2000efi/
Triumph 2000 Mk1 — 2 litre straight 6 — MS3+MS3X, 36-1, wasted spark — Install Details
Triumph Spitfire Mk3 — clockwork
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Re: How many engines running on MS2/Extra

Postby AllanE » Sat Dec 04, 2010 8:28 am


I have an AX that has a 1.1 SPI in it that I'm looking to 'squirt' (and convert to MPI, etc) - can I ask what you did to get your 106 running with megasquirt, please?

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Re: How many engines running on MS2/Extra

Postby chineze » Fri Dec 10, 2010 3:38 am

I have a:
1990 BMW E30, m20b25 bored to 2.7, fully built engine(forged pistons etc etc),Garrett GT3076WG turbo running on MS2/extra code 3.03u
And a friends 1987 E30 stock m20b25, Holset HX35 turbo running on MS2/extra code 3.03u

Next projects:
1989 BMW E30, m30b34 swap, fully built engine , Precision PT67 turbo going to run MS2/extra code 3.03x
1988 BMW E30, m30b35 swap, Precision PT67 turbo going to run MS2/extra code 3.03x
1988 BMW E30
Turbocharged 2.7 M20B25
MS2\Extra 3.2.4
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Re: How many engines running on MS2/Extra

Postby derbybrit1 » Wed Dec 22, 2010 2:19 am

vote from me ms2 + extra running fine in 2 modes tested on engine, edis, and 60-2 wasted spark

MS2 Extra 3.03V on Rotrex C15-60 supercharged Aprilia V-Twin motorcycle. Engine is odd-fire 300/420. Using stock 36-2 crank wheel with OEM VR Sensor, OEM Hall cam sensor, Yukon coils. Currently configured for ITB model with map switching for fuel and ignition under boost. In early stages of tuning. Map switching not enabled in attached msq.
Aprilia Rotax V60, MS2 Extra 3.0.3v, Interface PnP ecu for Suzuki 1000
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Re: How many engines running on MS2/Extra

Postby BZR Se7en » Wed Dec 22, 2010 10:58 pm

My 4age 20v black Top has been going for a year now.
Recently switched to ITB mode, which took much more tuning than I inticipated, but going well now and more economical than SD.
MS2 Extra 3.0.3 code
ITB mode
Factory Denso distrubutor and sensors
Lotus 7 Replica Std engine, open stacks, Toda flywheel

Looking forward to some lumpy cams and a port job.

Thanks to the developers - fantastic work!

BZR Se7en
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