Microsquirt input setup

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Microsquirt input setup

Postby mkoch96 » Sat Nov 18, 2017 7:03 pm

Hello all, new guy here. 

TunerStudio MS Ultra v3.0.28
MS2/Extra 3.4.1

     I have my Microsquirt installed and I have searched for, and found enough helpful people online with great information to get my project started and running pretty well.
     My current situation involves trying to set up the spare inputs (adc, adc2, and flex.)  I am mainly trying to get my flex fuel sensor working right now.  No matter what I have done up to this point, I can't get anything to show up in Tunerstudio from any if these 3 inputs. 
     I have wired my flex sensor to each of the inputs, with and without a pullup resistor to 5v.  I have also hooked each one up to a grounded switch, and set them up to trigger launch control, (as a test), but I can never get the indicator on the gauge cluster to light up.
     I don't know if I had them wired incorrectly,  or have some settings wrong in Tunerstudio, or if I have damaged something internal to the Microsquirt by wiring it improperly.
     Hopefully someone here can straighten me out on the wiring, or the settings.  Or maybe there is a way to test if I have inadvertently damaged something in the Microsquirt.

     Thanks in advance for any help.
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