Getting brake actuation into the Megasquirt for Can output

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Getting brake actuation into the Megasquirt for Can output

Postby Talkiet » Sat Dec 30, 2017 2:32 pm

I now have CAN output working and picking up the Simplified dash broadcasting just fine. I am also happy to switch to the more detailed data broadcasting etc but there are a couple of things I wanted to sort out.

1) The AFR as reported by this code:

Code: Select all
      case 1514:
        AFR = (float)(word(0x00, rxmsg.buf[1]));

is wrong, it seems to vary with the wideband display on the dash... does it need to be mapped to a range? If so, anyone know? (It displays accurately in TS)

2) I would like to be able to log brake actuations (I get TPS and it would be useful to be able to know exactly where I hit the brake)... I could I guess steal the brake light and put it into an input on the teensy, but it would be neater to fire it into the MS and grab it via CAN along with the TPS, RPM etc. Is there a standard way to do this? A best input? any signal processing/filtering? A better idea? (Load cell on the pedal pad was one thing I thought of!)

I am using a MS2 V3.0 with MSExtra 3.4.2.

Cheers - Neil G
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Re: Getting brake actuation into the Megasquirt for Can outp

Postby jsmcortina » Sun Dec 31, 2017 5:23 am

You could feed a 0-5V digital signal into one of the spare ADC inputs (ADC6 or ADC7) They are broadcast in "group 15" of the broadcast.

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