MegaTunix and Spare Inputs

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MegaTunix and Spare Inputs

Postby adamflyer » Sun Apr 20, 2014 8:17 pm

I am in the process of completing an engine dyno I have been building after having taken a brake from the project for a few years. I am using a MS2 with MegaTunix for both the engine and data acquisition for the dyno. I have a 0-5v signal coming from a load cell which represents torque. The problem I am having is getting a spare input to work with MegaTunix. Back when I was working on this years ago I was using MegaTune and was able to use the EGO2 input for my torque signal. I was able to edit the configuration files in MegaTune and get gauges to output torque and hp as well as logging them. I had a few issues with this which I never got worked out but overall it did work. After getting back into this project after some years it appears MegaTune is no longer supports newer firmware versions. Because of this and because MegaTunix is open source I have decided to use it for this endeavor.

My setup:
-Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS
-megatunix 0.9.24-SNAPSHOT-1369-g51ff13b (latest build from git)
-Megasquirt V 3.0 board/MSII card
-ms2extra_3.1.0 (newest that will run with latest MegaTunix Build)

My problem is I can not figure out how to get MegaTunix to recognize a spare input I have wired up on my megasquirt board. Also, when the adc6 or adc7 variables are selected from the Logviewer page MegaTunix crashes. I believe I have everything correct on the hardware side. I have relevant circuitry to support an analog signal coming in on ADC6(JS5). In fact on the EGO/revlimit page can configure the EGO Sensor(s) Type to "Dual Wide Band" and 2nd EGO Sensor Port to"MS2 AD6/JS5". After doing this and going to the Logviewer page and selecting the variable O2Volts2 the voltage of the load cell is correctly displayed. I am guessing the reason is because there is a LookupTable missing? I tried copying one of the existing files here: /usr/local/share/MegaTunix/LookupTables with the name with no change. I was not able to figure out where these tables/table names are being reference in the code. I have searched and troubleshooted high and trying to make some progress but am running up against a wall with my current understanding. If anyone can point me in the right direction to solve any of the following questions I would be very grateful.

1. How can one take a spare 0-5v analog signal (AD6/JS5) and output it to a gauge and be able to log it's value?

2. Why is MegaTunix crashing when I select adc6 or adc7 from the Logviewer variable selection?

3. Are there logfiles that tell why MegaTunix crashes and if so where are they?

4. Given a 0-5v signal for torque how can a new variable be created and be which is the mathematical product the torque variable and other variables? For example I would want to calculate brake horse power given rpm and torque as well as brake specific fuel consumption given the calculated fuel flow rate being injected. I am not asking for help on the math here, rather where to inject something like this in the code.

5. How does one go about making MegaTunix compatible with newer firmware versions?


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