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Forum moderation policy

PostPosted: Tue Jun 02, 2009 8:17 am
by jsmcortina
For info, below are the general rules we apply as moderators on this forum. As ever our decision is final.

-Users' posts will only be deleted in rare circumstances.

-Accidental double posts will be deleted.

-Blatant spam posts will be deleted and the user also deleted.

-Posts for counterfeit Megasquirt products will be deleted and the user banned. These forums are funded by B&G and are NOT to be used to publicise rival products. Note that discussion of features in other ECUs as possible enhancements to Megasquirt do not fall into this category.

-Cross posts or very similar questions on the same topic in a different sub-forum will be merged.

-Posts in the wrong sub-forum will be moved leaving a "shadow topic".

-If a user (or admin/moderator) posts incorrect information and then goes back to edit, they should add an 'EDIT' note and explain what has changed.

-Posts containing unacceptable material e.g. abusive messages, foul language or pictures, or links to inappropriate material will be moderated. e.g. the moderator will edit the post and replace with words such as "MOD EDIT: offensive material removed". Repeated posts such as these are likely to result in the user being banned.

-Deleting posts to "rewrite history" is not acceptable.

-Constructive criticism or debate should almost certainly remain un-moderated, but keep it civil and factual.

EDIT: minor edits 26 Dec 2011, correct typos

Re: Forum moderation policy

PostPosted: Sun Jun 07, 2009 7:38 am
by jsmcortina
Additionally, all new users will start on "moderated" status and their first two posts will require approval. This is to stop spammers and appears to be working ok.