Request: Change the way maps are exported/imported in TS

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Request: Change the way maps are exported/imported in TS

Postby motthomas » Thu Dec 07, 2017 10:21 am

I am wondering how much appetite there would be to make a change to the way that maps (fuel, ign, etc) are managed in Tunerstudio?

Currently, the default way a table is viewed is with engine speed on the x-axis under the map increasing from left to right and load on the y-axis to the left of the map increasing from bottom to top. This seems intuitive from a viewing perspective so I can understand why it may have been done this way. However, it is counter intuitive from a data processing perspective where you would rather see the x-axis labels above the map as column headers and the y-axis increasing from top to bottom rather than the way it is currently displayed. The user can also only copy and paste map values and there is no option to easily manipulate axis bins.

This is verified by the fact that when you export a map (I believe in XML format) the y-values of the map are flipped and written in the way that a computer can interpret them more easily. I carry out a lot of external processing on data from logs and need to read or write to maps. The current export/import format for maps used by Tunerstudio makes this very awkward. While all the information is contained in the map export files, it requires the table data to be pulled from all the additional information and formatting which is not useful and then the xml format means that its very awkward to write a map into the same format so that Tunerstudio can read it in again.

Would it be possible to make some changes to the way we interface with maps in Tunerstudio to make reading from and writing to Tunerstudio more streamlined? I think the easiest and least intrusive way to do this would be to make the export/import map format a simple ascii matrix with engine speed bins in row 1 and load bins in column 1 and the map values located from row 2, column 2 with no additional text or information. This would allow very easy manipulation of the maps within Matlab or Excel. This could also be just added as an option when exporting maps? Some people may want to keep the current format while others that want to manipulate maps may want the simpler ascii format. I’m sure Tunerstudio could also accept both formats as import?

Also, what are the chances of adding a .mat format export to Megalogviewer for data logs?
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