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Disable CLT/IAT calibration "Safe" values

PostPosted: Sun Dec 24, 2017 5:20 am
by Reverant
Hi Phil,

when TS calculates the CL/IAT thermistor tables, the first and last 20 entries in the table are set to 70*F for the IAT and 180*F for the coolant.

Can you add a way to override this behavior, either by disabling it completely (thereby allowing for better diagnostics - shorted wire to ground/vref or open wire) or by allowing the user to enter a custom value, such as say 250*F (that would trigger the fan, in case of the CLT). Yes, the MS3 can do diagnostics but it still won't switch on the cooling fan if say the wire to the sensor is cut or if the sensor fails. The MS2 can't do diagnostics so MS2 users don't have any options on that front.

Thank you!

Re: Disable CLT/IAT calibration "Safe" values

PostPosted: Sun Dec 31, 2017 2:39 pm
by LT401Vette
You can edit the ini, or add a custom.ini

That is where the Default values and the table limits are defined.
When TS goes out of the defined range, that is when it goes to the default value.

The primary file TS uses is:

But is you add a [ReferenceTables] to your other ini files, it will over-ride those.

From that:
Code: Select all
    referenceTable = std_ms2gentherm, "Calibrate Thermistor Tables..."
       topicHelp = ""
        tableIdentifier   = 000, "Coolant Temperature Sensor", 001, "Air Temperature Sensor"
        ; tableLimits (optional) = intentifier, min, max, defaultVal
        ; will set the default value if value is outside the min and max limits.
        tableLimits   = 001, -40, 350, 70
   tableLimits = 000, -40, 400, 350
   tableLimits = 000, -40, 350, 180

It is that tableLimits:
tableLimits = 000, -40, 400, 350

That means for table 000, the min is -40, max 400, default value is 350.

So whe the temp curve is generated, if outside the min and max, the default 350 will be sent.

Re: Disable CLT/IAT calibration "Safe" values

PostPosted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 6:23 am
by Reverant
Hi Phil,

thank you for the response. I see two problems here:

1) Whenever TS updates, I will need to go back and edit the ini file.
2) If an end-level user tries to update the calibrations, he will override the "safe" values.

What does having these "safe" values accomplish?

Re: Disable CLT/IAT calibration "Safe" values

PostPosted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 6:58 am
by LT401Vette
This comes from the old megatune days..

The thought behind that I believe is that if you are completely out of range, your sensor is probably missing or malfunctioned. By going to the default value, your engine will still have a hope of running half decent.

It is not recommended to edit the TS install files directly, they will get over written at some point. But as said above you can over-ride the behavior in a custom.ini if you have a specific condition you want to disable this.