A bug... I think?

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A bug... I think?

Postby elaw » Tue Dec 26, 2017 5:18 pm

While trying to adjust ASE on my car I just experienced something that I thought was a tuning limit, but it appears to me to be a bug in TS?

Here's how I can reproduce it on my machine:
* First make sure in the ASE (not ASE taper, just ASE) dialog, that the option to "Auto scale Y axis maximum" is off.
* Open the attached .msq - at least for me I get the same result if I open a predefined or temporary project.
* Open the dialog to edit ASE. It should come up looking like this:
Capture.PNG (51.36 KiB) Viewed 144 times

* In the graph window, click to edit the leftmost visible point (the blue dot just below the 100% Y-axis line).
* Use the up or down arrow to change the value. The graph should rescale so it looks like this:
Capture2.PNG (52.2 KiB) Viewed 144 times

* In the graph window, click the leftmost blue dot to edit it.
* Try to increase the value. When I do that, it won't allow me to increase the value above 140.

I thought this was because the ASE values were somehow limited to 140. But when I go into the table and manually edit the numbers (or use Q/W to increase/decrease), I can go all the way up to 400!

If I turn on the "Auto scale Y axis maximum" option, the behavior is somewhat different. As I try to increase the value, up to a point the Y axis will rescale and allow me to continue increasing the value... up to a point. Eventually it will rescale with the Y max somewhere in the low 300s and won't allow me (by using up/down in the graph) to increase the value further.

Oh and this is TS version running on Windows 10 x64. The problem doesn't seem dependent on firmware version... I tried a bunch of (MS3) .msq files I had going back years and the problem occurs with all of them.
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Re: A bug... I think?

Postby LT401Vette » Sun Dec 31, 2017 2:45 pm

In the ini the max Y for that view is set to 100, that is what TS uses by default. But if the underlying constant has a higher max, it will rescale when needed to allow it.

Note the line:
yAxis = 0, 100, 6
The 100 is the max.

Code: Select all
       curve = asePct, "Afterstart Enrichment (ASE) Percentage"
         topicHelp = "file://$getProjectsDirPath()/docs/Megasquirt3_TunerStudio_MS_Lite_Reference-1.4.pdf#asep"
          columnLabel = "Coolant", "Afterstart"
          xAxis       = -40, {clthighlim}, 9
          yAxis       =   0, 100, 6
          xBins       = temp_table_p5, coolant, readonly
          yBins       = asePctTable
          gauge       = cltGauge

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