4-0 long tooth trigger(sport bikes)

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4-0 long tooth trigger(sport bikes)

Postby blitz2190 » Sat Aug 11, 2012 5:51 pm

I have been testing some hardware and software for the 4-0 long tooth trigger wheel found on a lot of sport bikes, regardless of the responses i will be posting the modified firmware and hardware schematic, my question is would anyone be interrsted in such hardware becuase i have designed the pcb as well, but have yet to test that version (mine is perfboard atm), and depending on the response may look into having the board produced


bassed off matt_gsxr's with a few fixes
r56 ~6-8 turns
if you don't get a signal swap vr signal (there is a polarity)


and firmware, this is 3.3.0b


i had a rough firmware that was working great and i tried to clean it up and messed something up i will be fixing it shortly
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