EEC-IV to Ms1 V2.2 adapter harness help

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EEC-IV to Ms1 V2.2 adapter harness help

Postby Showudway » Tue Dec 20, 2016 7:59 pm

First off I searched the forum and couldn't find any information on this if I overlooked it i apologize!

Im trying to build a adapter harness to go from the ford EECIV to my ms1V2.2 manly because i already have the small harness and a eeciv connector. I think i have it figured out but am not 100% sure so i just need someone to look over what i have done here and tell me if i did something stupid or not ha.

I attached my spreadsheet so to speak that has what wires i have going where, also the wiring diagram for a mustang from diyautotune.

Running a 91 mustang, factory wiring, MS1 V2.2extra code,... Thanks!


Here is an external wiring diagram for the V3.0 board. V2.2 wiring is identical except that you will connect the TFI SPOUT signal to pin 25 instead of 36. Note that the fuses and relays are already in the stock wiring, so you will not need to change these. The injector configuration shown is intended to promote smooth flow through the fuel rails and is one of several possible ways to wire the injectors.
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