Traction Control Fuel Cut

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Traction Control Fuel Cut

Postby aidandj » Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:53 pm

After talking to a few friends who have racelogic traction control, it seems that the fuel cut does a really good job of cutting power, without slowing down airflow. I have played with spark retard, and cut, but that is more violent, and in some cases does not cut enough power.

With sequential injection would it be possible to allow a pattern of fuel cut that would kill injector signals. Maybe even a configurable patter. ... p_Software

Some more info there.

There are 3 sequences. Each assigned a slip %. As wheel slip increases it will apply each sequence. Starts by cutting a few cylinders at 5%, more at 10%, even more at 15%. And then after a certain amount of time it applies the integral sequence. And totally shuts down slip.


This setup seems to work really well on a variety of cars.

Any possibility of trying it out?
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