Suggestion for Gyro ADC input via CAN Receiving

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Suggestion for Gyro ADC input via CAN Receiving

Postby Lokiel » Thu Nov 09, 2017 5:41 am

I used CanBus/TestModes->CanReceiving to configure CAN Receiving to receive raw ADC Gyro Data that I sent from an Arduino reading a Gyro:

CAN EGO1 (used to receive Generic Wideband O2 lambda*10000 value) Std,819,0,B2U,1,1,0
CAN ADC0{1|2|3} (used to read 3 temperature sensors) Std,821,{0|2|4},B2U,1,1,0
CAN ADC04 (used to read a pressure sensor) Std,821,6,B2U,1,1,0
CAN ADC0{5|6|7} (used for Gyro X,Y,Z) Std,820,{0|2|4},B2U,1,1,0
- the trailing data is the CAN configuration data for each CAN parameter, as ordered in the CAN Receiving table

To allow the Gyro Axes' ADC calibration values to be entered you need to select CanBus/TestModes->CanEgoGps, then set AccelerometerDataViaCan:FetchAccelerometerData to "Off".
SHOULDN'T IT BE "Generic" to be consistent with "EGO Data via CAN" and make it clear that the Gyro data will be read?

After the above step, the AdvancedEngine->AccelerometerParameters menu option displays the AccelerometerParameters menu which allows the Gyro axes' ADC calibration values for -1G and +1G to be entered.
Curiously the "Listen for CAN broadcasts (on CAN menu)" field shows "Off" - I'd prefer it said "Generic" so that I know that the Accelerometer data is being listened for.

Can you please update TunerStudio to display "Generic" rather than "Off" in these cases?

Also, figuring out how to use CAN Receiving was very frustrating UNTIL I realised that I needed to power-cycle the MegaSquirt for the changes to take effect.
Many other menus pop up a warning that the MegaSquirt needs to be power-cycled for the changes to take effect but not the CAN Receiving menu.

The CAN Receiving feature is very impressive in its simplicity once you figure out that the power cycles are required.
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