Injector DC% Seems Off

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Injector DC% Seems Off

Postby Scottie-GNZ » Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:11 pm

Wasn't sure if this should go here or the Tuner Studio forum, so please move if necessary.

I have a turbo LS with 1400cc (133.3 lb/hr) injectors, MS3X running full sequential with 2/Alternating, don't include AFRtarget, Stoich = 14.7. In my datalog, I convert FuelFlow L/hr to Lb/hr with a 1.604 multiplier. Probably not dead-nuts accurate but close enough and it's what I'm used to working with. At 80% Inj DC, it should factor out to approx. 853+ lb/hr, but MLV is showing 780+ which is a factor derived from 122 lb/hr. Base FP is 43psi, vacuum off, same as used for OEM injector flow rating and the FPR is boost referenced. It would take a base FP of about 36psi for the injectors to flow 122 lb/hr, but I log FP using a 0-100psi transducer with a 0V value of -12.5 and 5V value of 112.5 and It's very close, matching a 43psi base + boost FP.

Is my conversion multiplier wrong or am I missing something.....TIA.
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