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MS3x Crank No Start

PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 12:32 am
by HaydEn

Ended up being a dodgy oem connector for the coil pack.

Hi all,

I have been chasing my tail on this issue for a little while now.

About a month ago the car ran, rough and untuned, but it still ran enough i could take it around the block. The only thing that i have changed is i added my nitrous solenoids as per the Manual.

Now it just cranks over, has an occasional starter kick back, has intake backfires and only once i have been able to get it to run with constant throttle.

I have tried adding and taking timing out of both the ignition map and the cranking map. Added and subtracted fuel. Used different wheel options as well as increasing and decreasing Tooth angle deg.