1.5.1 - Launch control ?

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1.5.1 - Launch control ?

Postby Manu » Sat Dec 16, 2017 12:00 pm

I notice that in 1.5.1 firmware with standard settings "default MS3 1.5.1.msq" we can access :

1 - Advanced Engine / Launch-2 step-3step-T-brake
2 - Advanced Engine / Speed Based Launch Control

Does this 2 features compatible each other ? Or does "Advanced Engine / Speed Based Launch Control" should be greyed until "Advanced Engine / Launch-2 step-3step-T-brake" is activated ?

I guess they are both compatible but I'd like to be sure. I think that if you activate "Speed Based Launch Control" this feature is always on and that the trigger condition is VSS=0. Is this the true ?

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