Can you blend ve tables based on baro?

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Can you blend ve tables based on baro?

Postby EnergeticMotorsports » Sun Dec 31, 2017 6:01 pm

I was wondering if you can blend the VE table based on barometric pressure. I work on vehicles that drive from 13000ft to 3400 feet with in a few hours. The barometric correction table is not a perfect solution as it only affects the load axis. The nature of the motor changes with big altitude changes. 2 different ve maps that could be blended by baro would be amazing. Maybe there is already a way. I thought about using the flex blend tables to trick it to do this. Baro correction is a good idea but it needs to trim based on rpm as well because the motor vaccum difference is not linear based on load or rpm. What fixes idle does not fix the issue at higher rpm. I can get closed loop air fuel with pid to work great to compensate but being behind 1 combustion or 2 is OK but it could have a feed forward ve table that would help the issues. Thank you. If you have a trick that would be cool.
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