O2 reading inaccurately? in TS

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O2 reading inaccurately? in TS

Postby tony2ltr » Fri Dec 02, 2011 2:00 pm

Hey guys,, it sure has been a long time...Anyhow..I am resuurecting the MS1, 2.2 board I built for my Toyota pickup about 7/8 years ago...I am having trouble with the o2 reading...it stays between .2 and .3 volts at times, occasionally going up to .5/.6 volts...I checked and the NB o2 is beat on the car, and stuck at about .11 volts, but even on the stim, TS is reading at .2-.3volts when the o2 pot is turned all the way down and pin 28 voltage at the ms1 is about .00 to .01 volts at this time. When I change the gauge to o2 Bank 2. the gauge reads zero like it should, I don't have a b2o2, nor have I built the circuit for it. Below it shows the old pickup, I'll have to change that in my profile. The MS I built for the 88 Toyota pickup is now in a 91 Toyota pickup, 22re 2wd, auto with Valve body modifications, 4cyl, VAST ignition, virtually the same truck, I just had to make a new harness adapter. The new truck has 11:1 compression, multi angle valve job, port matched..440 cc injectors, and a moderate cam, header...Should have a lot more power than the old truck.
Thanks for any help...You guys have always been great, and it has been nice to see how MS has come along over the past (9?) years or so...

Is there a better area I should have posted this in? If I need a "RTFM"..by any means...I'll look through some more...
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