DIYPNP Bosche 55 pin cannot load firmware

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DIYPNP Bosche 55 pin cannot load firmware

Postby Boosted21 » Wed Oct 18, 2017 4:56 pm

Hey Ive just put together a DIYPNP board with the built in bosche 55 pin connector for my bmw m20b25 turbo and have been unable to load any firmware. I have the board powered with the diyautotune supply and is connected to my laptop via a usb-serial db9 cable. Im sure ive installed the drivers for the cable and when the MS is connected a device appears in the unknown column of my device manager, which I have changed to COM1 and 115200 width. When trying to find the ecu using the ms2_loader for windows all I get it waiting... waiting... garbled reply... waiting... and then no connection found. when using portcheck I get, COM1 Opened
115200 baud
""ying 'Q'
9600 baud
""ying 'Q'

1 valid port found.
..That doesnt help me much except for when I discount the MS from the cable COM1 is opened but theres no connection made at 115200 or 9600. Can someone please help me out here? any advice is appreciated
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Re: DIYPNP Bosche 55 pin cannot load firmware

Postby Matt Cramer » Fri Oct 20, 2017 7:14 am

First, please check if you're getting 5 volts on the VREF points with it powered up.
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