V10 Sequential Injection

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V10 Sequential Injection

Postby fourx4dakota » Mon Nov 20, 2017 11:44 am

My original plan was to batch fire the injectors so that I wouldn't need any add on board to run the engine. After some reading I have changed my mind, but I have a couple questions. The main board has 2 injector drivers and the expander board has 8, it says I need to add in another board to control the last two injectors. Why can't I use the main board drivers for the other two injectors? I pretty much assume that I'm just missing something, but anyway the board from jbperf.com doesn't seem to be available anymore and I'm not really sure how to add the driver circuit to the DIY part of the main board. If anybody could help me out with getting one of the add in boards or explain to me in a little more detail on how to add the driver to the mainboard would be appreciated. Thanks
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