Accel Force not working correctly

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Accel Force not working correctly

Postby Imdominant » Sun Jan 22, 2017 7:12 pm

Im very new to Shadow Dash and i have version 1.34 installed on an Android tablet running Kitkat. I have not "connected" to my ms3 yet, i was just experimenting with the tablet sensors and have noticed that in order for my Accel Force guage to be correct i have to have the tablet in reverse portrait mode. I had intended to use it in landscape mode but it doesnt work anywhere close to right in that mode. when i accelerate it shows positive g's on the "turn force" guage. It works a lot closer to right when turned to reverse landscape but my only quirk is that when i accelerate it shows negative g forces of accel force and when i stop , positive forces.

i have downloaded an app to supposedly "calibrate" my accelerometer sensor and have tried calibrating it in several different orientations, nothing changes. Please advise me on how to fix this problem. accelerometer and speedometer are my primary reasons for shadow dash!!

Also, why cant i log the tablets sensors without connecting to the ms3? I want to run my laptop using TS at times that i am seperately using shadow dash...
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