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Re: Elevation Correction

Postby KenK » Fri Oct 13, 2017 6:18 am

Well, I am happy to report that % Baro worked for me!!

As I stated back on August 11, I converted my system from pure SD to % Baro. I set the baseline elevation correction to 95 from sea level to 10,000 feet ASL. The 95 baseline was used to give me a little more room on the elevation correction table. The conversion to %Baro in my case did require significant rework of the VE table. I had to lean out the engine pretty much across the board at higher loads.

I did make the trip to the desert during the Labor Day weekend. In my case, that was from August 31 through September 4. The weather was HOT all weekend with late and evening afternoon thunder showers. The temperatures ranged from a low in the high 70 degree range to as high as 110 degrees F. Humidity was also high (80% or higher). The base elevation was about 1800 feet ASL and we went as high as 7600 feet ASL.

I am happy to report that the engine ran great at all altitudes. The engine may have leaned out a bit the the higher elevations but not enough to be of any real concern for my application. At this time I do not plan to make any changes to the elevation correction table.

I will do a little more work on the tune at low loads to improve fuel economy but other than that, I am pretty happy with the results.

Elevation problem solved by converting to %Baro.

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