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Remote tuning

Postby Sodak66 » Fri Aug 18, 2017 7:08 am

Hello I'm new to the forum. Looking for help tuning my ms3 gold box setup in my 66 chevelle running a turbo ls3/auto. If anyone can help please let me know .
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Re: Remote tuning

Postby 5.0Thunder » Fri Aug 18, 2017 10:03 am

Are you wanting to pay somebody to do the whole tune with datalogging or are you wanting to do the tuning with our help and review of your data?
1. 1990 Mustang: MS2v3.57, 306ci, 72mm turbo, 80lb inj, stock TFI ignition, 6AL, World heads, TFS1 cam, GT40 intake, & AOD
2. 1987 Mustang: MS2v3.57, direct coil control, MSD VR Dizzy, SBE, Weiand 174,190cc heads, F303, & TBI above blower with 4 160ln inj
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Re: Remote tuning

Postby Sodak66 » Thu Aug 24, 2017 9:07 am

I'd love to get some feedback and help from you members if you can. So far i have been using the turbo 58x base tune from provided by EFI source and after calibrating my aem afr gauge and putting in my ZR1 map sensor data (got from another guy) as well as injector and engine configuration data I've gotten the car to run pretty well and very well under acceleration. I've used the autotune feature to help a little during cruise. The issues i'm having are when I tune the VE table to idle at or around 14.7 at full temp but if I park the car for a bit and come back and the afr is back to 11-11.5 again, and while cruising the afr goes dead lean and falls off the guage if i let up on the throttle even the smallest amount and pops on decel. Any ideas?
The build is as follows:
6.0ls with ls3 heads 9.5/1 comp
Cam is 230/237dur 600/609"lift on a 112lsa
80lb/hr TRE injectors
holley 95mmTB
Ls9/zr1 Map Sensor (date came from a friend) correct?
LS3 fule pump with boostapump reg in tank 58psi(no boost reference)
Single On3 78/75 turbo, intercooled.
Meth injection should spray on 8ish psi. always hooked up
manual boost controller
Auto trans with manual valve body and 3200stall converter with lockup
4:10 gears right now cruise rpm is around 2800-3000rpm
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Re: Remote tuning

Postby quan3165 » Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:03 am

Could this be a heat soak issue? I couldn't unzip your rar file on my machine to look at the log.

If yes, after you're sure you have a restore point tune saved, adjust the MAT Air Density Correction curve until you're happy with your cruise and idle AFR at your heat soaked temperature. The default curve is based on the ideal gas law and almost always needs adjusting. It's hot where I live, so I like to shift the curve right so that 100% (no correction) is at my ambient tuning temp, then I'll build the VE table, then I'll adjust the corrections so AFR is right for all hot/cold conditions as the seasons change. Continuing to "fix" your VE table will just mean you're tuning in circles.

Hope this helps!
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