Broken AFR Sensor with 1.5 and Can Device

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Broken AFR Sensor with 1.5 and Can Device

Postby VcrMiata » Thu Feb 23, 2017 11:14 pm

I upgraded to v1.5 last weekend and have run into an AFR sensor issue with MSDroid

1. When I connect MSDroid to my Reverent MS3 Basic, running v1.5.0, I always get an update ECU or Project request. The AFR sensor works fine at this point.

2. However, when I burn a change, the next time I start the car and connect MSDroid, the AFR sensor only reads 8.10. Luckily I have my tune set up to ignore the AFR sensor if the AFR is less than 10 and my tune is reasonably stable that EGO control is not critical.

3. The broken AFR sensor is confirmed by connecting my laptop with Tunerstudio as it too reports an AFR of 8.10

3. Only fix is to connect my laptop with tunerstudio and upload a previous tune and restart the car. AFR sensor reports correctly after the reversion.

4. Burning the same change fromy Tunerstudio works fine. By the way, my change was with the ASE curve which should be unrelated.

My AFR sensor is connected through the CAN interface.
I'm guessing a change in the CAN support is not supported by MSDroid and is causing corruption when burning the configuration to the ECU.
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