Wont work with Samsung S8

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Wont work with Samsung S8

Postby piledriver » Thu Nov 02, 2017 5:18 pm

I now have a Samsung S8, (Android N) works great with Shadowdash, but that lacks the ability to change any settings.

In MSDroid:
Bug 1:
I try to connect with MSDroid and it cannot see any bluetooth device. Shadowdash can, so...

Bug2: (via USB connection)
Doesn't have a built-in ini for current stable MS3 firmware v1.5.1.

Bug 3:
Connecting with the USB adapter it cannot find the ini, and after manually copying my MS3-v1.5.1 .ini over to msdroids ini directory, and restarting, it then sits there endlessly creating the project.

I'd merrily upgrade to MSDroid-Pro if it will work, but have yet to have any luck with the paid for MSDroid except in the very earliest days just after initial release.
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