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Build & Tuning, Central CT

PostPosted: Mon Apr 10, 2017 4:55 pm
by tallyho520
Hello fellow MS'ers,
I am a mechanical engineer with experience in jet engine testing, rotary engine testing, megasquirt and oem ECU tuning. I have experience fabricating steel and aluminum parts, intercooler piping, one off builds, ect. I could also do consulting in person or electronically. I have done all styles of superchargers but I can do turbo as well. Methanol yes, but prefer no Nitrous. I currently have an engineering job but I am looking to focus more on tuning, with the end goal of owning my own shop, because it is my passion. If you need a tune, or your shop is looking for an experienced hand please let me know. I am willing to travel as well. Thanks!

Re: Build & Tuning, Central CT

PostPosted: Sat Oct 21, 2017 2:24 pm
by Jack917/10
This is what I built and I need a Megasquirt installer desperately. I am in East Hartford and I'm available anytime as I am retired. This car will be on every internet car show world wide when it is running as the story behind the builder and the creation of this car is so appealing. This is Not a kit or a new set of wheels on someone's car. It is a ground up creation by a 60 year old guy in his one car garage. You will see the other two cars I built on YouTube also.

If you are hoping to start your own shop, being on internet car shows explaining how You got Two Subaru EZ30 engines running with One Megasquirt MS3 Pro EVO, will go a long way to get you the attention you need.

Hope you can help.