Turbo LS Tuner Needed (ON, Canada)

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Turbo LS Tuner Needed (ON, Canada)

Postby TurboChevelle » Tue May 30, 2017 6:07 pm

Hey there everyone. This is my first post so I do apologize in advance for my rookie knowledge in a lot of this. This is also my first project car. Someone else started I am trying to finish. I have spent 2 weeks online searching and wiring and now trying to figure out how to tune this ECU. I have felt like i hit a wall and this is beyond me so here goes nothing .

1. I don't know anything about tuning a car...
2. 3x systems I have to learn...
3. Engine floods if i don't pull fuel pump power on start up
4. I have no idea what tune was run on this thing
5. It is running like s***...

before and even now after wiring everything...
It seems to flood on start up.
If I turn the key on it seems to fill with fuel. I checked all positives and negatives and and searched for weeks through wiring diagrams and I think it may have something to do with the relays if its not the tune. I have wired my relays as per all the diagrams I have found online. And I can provide diagrams of entire wiring on car since I know it like the back of my hand now.

So pull fuel pump wire. Crank with WOT it fires revs and stalls.
Then I cycle key start without touching throttle and when it starts to fire i can plug fuel pump back in and it runs. runs nice and smooth around 700rpm for a few seconds then wants to drop to like 300. I turned idle up and it still does the same. Seems like it doesn't like batch firing. Took it for a ride and the fuel delivery feels clunky and hesitant.

So as for what I have under the hood...
2007 4th Gen LS v8 with camshaft from ZL1 Camaro
Single GT45 Turbo.
Edlebrock intake, throttle body, rails and 60lb inj. (I will order 80lbs if I can find someone to tune and its needed for more power)
Innovative LC-1 wideband controller (waiting on new sensor old one was burnt out)
Dual inline Walbro 255lph pumps
Snow Performance Meth inj. set to kick on at 10psi
2009 4L80E trans (Ez-TCU controller)
5500 stall edge billet converter with lockup

So after all that I think it would be best to get me a good tune for the MSD and the MS please anyone that can help. Let me know if you need anything else and I will get it ASAP!
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