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Re: Toyota A340 control

Postby shocktower » Mon Nov 06, 2017 11:30 pm

Harreh wrote:Just tested the circuit provided by Knightrous. Completely working. So for anyone using this in an A340 with a latching switch this is the way to go

Ok I am so lost, what is the latching, I have a A343F in my 1997 Land Cruiser, I am using a microsquirt to control the transmission ( and it works fair but not what I believe should be), I have a Cummins 6BT motor with a rotory pump, so it is all mechanical as far as fuel delivery, so I need better function of my tranny, on down shift and TC lock up when I really need it, also can I add a switch for the TC when I am driving slow through rock gardens and steep hills . Thank you for your time

Ok I figured out how to upload a my tune file
I did a swap with a Cummins 6bt diesel there is no electronic fuel injection, I am just using this to hand the job of shifting my A343F transmission, I have some what of a tune to it, but I want more out of it
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Re: Toyota A340 control

Postby Harreh » Tue Nov 21, 2017 2:53 pm

The latching is the OD switch on most A340 toyota cars, it can always transmit its signal. If you read back through this thread as well as the firmware update one you'll understand if this does or doesn't apply to you
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