4L80E defaults to 100% line pressure?

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4L80E defaults to 100% line pressure?

Postby kikkegek » Sat Jan 13, 2018 10:58 am


today i drove my 4L80E and i noticed my microsquirt wasnt reading engine rpms. And also noticed that it defaulted to 100% linepressure instantly.

in the settings there is no link betweeen line pressure and rpms, just load through map....so i didnt understand this and thought id share it here.

wwhen the rpms returned halfway through the drive the line pressure returned to normal values from the settings i have.

so is it correct that if there are no rpms? that the microsquirt wwil default to 100% line pressuure for safety maybe?

this is the logfile; you can see the change half way through the file.

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