Launch control will not activate

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Launch control will not activate

Postby 88foxbodyr » Thu Nov 09, 2017 8:29 pm

I have mustang mspnp2 and I can not get the launch control to activate. I've tried with the stock clutch switch connected to pin 3 with no success. So I removed the jumper on the main board so I can use a switch I grounded the switch and connected it to pin 13 and still got nothing. Any help ?
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Re: Launch control will not activate

Postby ol boy » Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:32 am

Can you see the launch control indicator in TS go from green to red when you toggle the switch? or clear to green? I'm not sure what the PNP needs to see on the corrector input. 12V or 5 or ground to activate the function. I know internally the pin should be pulled low to ground to activate launch.

You also have to meet the conditions (TPS>50%... ect) in your settings for it to activate.
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Re: Launch control will not activate

Postby Blown88GT » Sat Nov 11, 2017 4:52 pm

You started this thread in a sub-forum that won't get much response.
See if you can get the Mods to move it to: MS2/Extra, MS2, Microsquirt and Microsquirt module support

Did you follow this? ... &isModel=2

Launch Control

The launch control is based on a rev limiter. This is configured from the Boost/Advanced → Launch Control Control dialog. Often the best way to control this is with the stock clutch switch which opens/closes a circuit based on the clutch pedal position. Note that often this circuit also runs through the neutral safety switch on manual transmission vehicles. This means that if you turn launch control on using the stock clutch switch, it will activate when the transmission is in neutral or when you push down the clutch. So when the trans is in neutral, you'll have a launch control rev limiter. When you push in the clutch and put the trans into first gear, you'll also have a launch control rev limiter (which is when you want it) every time after you first put the car in gear and take your foot off the clutch. When you have the launch control active, the rev limits drop to the limits specified on the launch control screen, letting you rev the engine up to a fixed RPM that you can adjust. When you release the switch, the rev limit is removed and you take off nice and controlled.

I can't tell you for sure if the PNP2 for the Mustang connects pin 30 of the Ford 60-pin connector to anything inside the PNP2.
DIY doesn't provide this info on their website. ... ?isModel=1

I suspect it's already on pin 30, therefore,
1. Jumper Set #4 is ON (enabled). Function - OE Clutch Switch Enabled
2. Do not use the pins on the Options Port.

If this is the case, you have wired it up incorrectly. They have already done it for you inside the PNP2.
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