Tach signal from ms3x

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Tach signal from ms3x

Postby Ms36262cobaltLS » Thu Aug 04, 2016 4:42 pm

I have a cobalt with aftermarket VDO tach looking for ways to wire in the tach signal my question is what's best way to wire it in? I have a ign-4 coil tower running my ignition could I just use one of the negative side wires on the tower plug? Or would tach output on megasquirt work with my VDO gauge ? Any input helps thanks
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Re: Tach signal from ms3x

Postby slow_hemi6 » Thu Aug 04, 2016 5:08 pm

You can trigger from one of the negative sides of the IGN4 but you have to set your tach up for 2cyl. Needle might have a little jitter at idle but is steady when revs climb. But the tach out from the megasquirt should work fine also.
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