Learn about using CAN with my microsquirt

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Learn about using CAN with my microsquirt

Postby Lesphoto » Tue Aug 29, 2017 1:17 pm

I drive my Jeep in remote areas, and don't want to get stuck without a working Microsquirt. If something were to fry, I want a backup with my current tune to run. Can I use CAN to keep both updated to the same tune, and use a power switch to drive my injectors-choosing one Microsquirt and then the other? Same with my ignition? Where can I learn about setting up a CAN network in my Jeep? I plan on running redundant sensors, ignitions, and computers, one set of injectors with switch to change my ground from one computer to the other (injector ground, which I know fires the injector) and two ignition modules to run two coils and use a MSD coil switcher to connect to my dizzy. This is a Ford 5.0 engine from an 1989 Lincoln LS using the stock TFI ignition. Thanks for any help!
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