Out of ideas. MS1/Extra V3 Pinto 2.0L

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Out of ideas. MS1/Extra V3 Pinto 2.0L

Postby Hultman » Wed Oct 04, 2017 5:27 am


This is my first post here, after reading the manual and posts for about 2-3 months now.

Me and my friend are building a Ford Pinto 2.0L -89 with turbo and MS1/Extra V3.

Our setup is as follow:
Sierra Pinto 2.0L
TunerStudio MS Lite! v3.0.28
MS1/Extra rev 029y4

Siemens DEKA 875cc injectors
E85 for fuel
No lambda yet (MTX-L Wideband is ordered)
MSD Coil
Orginal distributor
VR-sensor on crankwheel
36-1 teeth wheel

VR sensorn is mounted like this:
TDC to VR 150 degrees (15 teeth)
VR to empty tooth 90 degrees (9 teeth)
Empty tooth to TDC 120 degrees (12 teeth)

Problems we have:
Fuel relay clicks like crazy, gets better with higher rpm.
TunerStudio goes offline after 2-3sec of cranking.
Ignition timing goes up and down (just checked with timing light)
Huge voltage drop (as seen in the log)

Someone with some ideas?
My friend are thinking of selling instead of solving :evil: :RTFM:
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