Browser cookies - privacy statement - EU law

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Browser cookies - privacy statement - EU law

Postby jsmcortina » Fri May 25, 2012 7:56 am

For information, this forum (and all phpBB forums) will request that your browser stores cookies on your computer.
This is used to know what posts you have read, allow login without password and show how many different guests are logged in. We are not using the cookies for tracking or statistics or anything of that nature. We do not pass on information to other parties.

A new EU law is coming into force from 29th May (I believe) that requires that users opt-in to such cookies. Presently I am not aware of doing this for guest access. For logged in user access, this notice is to advise you of what the forum is presently doing.

If you are unhappy with this use of cookies you can:
- disable cookies in your browser
- cease using MSEXTRA

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