DIYPNPB55-K kit discontinued due to connector sourcing

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DIYPNPB55-K kit discontinued due to connector sourcing

Postby redneckvtek » Mon Nov 27, 2017 6:19 pm


Upon attempt to purchase this kit today for the black friday sale, I became aware of the kit being pulled from some of the web site/store's pages.

Upon inquiry, I got this response:

I'm sorry, but they have been temporarily discontinued due to some parts supply issues. We're searching for an alternate supplier for the 55 pin connector, and hope to bring the kits back once this is resolved.

Matt Cramer DIYAutoTune Support

I am building a second car to match my 1st, and I would like to make them the same - which would require building another kit. I suppose if it comes to it, I can buy the assembled kit? Would the same tune work on both, or are they too different? I would like all my parts to be interchangeable (two car race team). Unfortunately, that would also double my cost.

Hopefully starting this thread to:

A. Track progress of sourcing a new Motronic connector supplier
B. Discuss potential options or probabilities of a supplier being located
C. Document any others who desire to buy this kit
D. Perhaps locate a used or secondary supplier for the DIY Kit
E. Determine the stock of the MS2PNP $800 kit to determine how quickly I need to make a decision
F. Discuss the potential of a DIY kit with everything but the motronic connector, so I could potentially salvage one from a stock DME.



Is this the connector that was previously used, or can anyone comment? (Datasheet attached)

If so, it seems like the manufacturer is requiring a product run of 8960 at $20.12 each, for a total of $180,194 - If thats the case, I understand DIYAutotune's issue with the supplier...

Also if so, it seems that they are sourceable from vendors around the world in for $50. This would be an acceptable solution for me, if I could convince DIYAutotune to sell me a DIY kit with the 55pin circuit board but without the connector.

Hopefully a Chinese manufacturer will be able to stand in and produce a replica in smaller batches, but of acceptable quality, so sales can be restarted.
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Re: DIYPNPB55-K kit discontinued due to connector sourcing

Postby Matt Cramer » Wed Dec 20, 2017 8:06 am

Chinese manufacturers already are making them - unfortunately, many of the connectors are too wide to fit in the DIYPNP case. We're looking at the available options and hope to have one tracked down that just needs PCB footprint and endplate changes.
Matt Cramer
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