VEMS and MegaSquirt

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VEMS and MegaSquirt

Postby spiderman » Tue Dec 26, 2017 4:54 am

Hello all,

Can someone explain me the origin of VEMS EMS? When I reading on VEMS documents I see some stuff on VEMS documents that is related with MegaSquirt. For example please see the part of attached VEMS schematics, "megasquirtavr" writes there. I am curious about the story:
1) How VEMS project is started?
2) What is the relationship between VEMS and MS?
3) What is the pros and cons of these two systems?

Part of VEMS schematics
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VEMS and MegaSquirt

Postby Paul_VR6 » Tue Dec 26, 2017 6:30 am

All if the "relevant" info on the controversy surrounding it has long been lost with the forums going down a few years ago but this is what I remember...

The original ms-avr was started as a personal project, as many things were at that time. As long as it wasn't a commercial product things were simpatico. Eventually, it turned into an "open source" but commercial product which did not meet the licensing requirements of B&G as it was on different hardware. An agreement was not reached and the developers then "closed" the code and officially split off.

It is suspected (and rightly so) that much of the original B&G code is retained yet and violates the copyright in some way.

I don't recommend or tune Vems because of all of the above. It is a poisoned well as far as intellectual property is concerned and shows the character of the developers as not the best.

In terms of features and processing power it sits between ms2 and ms3. There are significant hardware issues present in the latest version including noise due to how the wideband internally interfaces. The "dbw" implemention is scary at best.

Personally, I would favor a ms3 based solution and not look back.
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