MT 2.25 p1 MAP gauge

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MT 2.25 p1 MAP gauge

Postby W113 » Wed May 22, 2013 9:43 am

would be most grateful for help with the following.
I use Megatune 2.25 p1 and am very happy with that. ( Yes, I know that TSs better, but I am stuck in a rut and happy with that) Both of my DELL laptops with real serial ports have died after lots of use and I have loaded Megatune 2,25p1 onto two Compaq Evos, all is well.
I use 1 bar map sensors with the 4115 kpafactor, and scale the MAP gauge so that it displays correctly, but the scale length is for a 2 bar mapsensor. I only get half the "sweep" and I have forgotten how to change the scale length of the MAP gauge so that zero degrees is 0 kPa and 270 degrees is 115 kPa.

It is not terribly important , but would be nice.


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