Zeitronix WB Displaying Wrong

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Zeitronix WB Displaying Wrong

Postby TwinScrew20v » Wed Oct 05, 2016 12:41 pm

Hey guys, I've had a Zeitronix ZT2 wideband in the car since I installed my MS1e system and it has always displayed wrong in MT compared to its displayed A/F. I've lived with it since I could tune based on the4 display, but now that things are getting way too fast to attempt to tune that way (V6 turbo in a 2100lb car at 19psi) I need to get it to read correctly for Log Viewing. I've had the same issue when using Tuner Studio but I've been resisting the change since it is an MS1 ECU and I havent commited to upgrading yet. Where do I compare the code to my non-linear curve supplied by Zeitronix? I found the code for the A/F table, but not for the gauge display. Thanks for teh help guys!
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