MSNS 029q ini file loading?

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MSNS 029q ini file loading?

Postby GriffithBuilt » Fri Nov 16, 2007 7:06 pm

I am really pleased with switching over to megatunix from megatune, but I am running into some little issues with my ECU firmware. I have downloaded my ECU files using 'Backup All ECU Files' from the Tools tab, but I would like to have my .ini firmware version show up when i start up and I'm not sure how to accomplish this.

I do have the msns 1 extra file that includes the .ini file as well as some other data. I'm curious if this can be ported into the mtx software or if I have to gather that data back off of my ECU.

Additionally, I can't seem to access any of the tuning parameters unless I have the ecu connected, which prohibits me from doing any tuning work while at the bench and away from the car.

I have seen Phillip's manuals for the megatunix ms extra 1, but I can't find that data in any of the sparce manuals that are out there for this.

Thanks in advance,

p.s. I did use the search, I have tried to find this data elsewhere, thanks!
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