Feature Request - Smoothing

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Feature Request - Smoothing

Postby Trumpetrhapsody » Wed Mar 28, 2012 8:46 am

I've done a bit of tuning with HP tuners software, and one feature they have that us Megasquirters lack is map smoothing. Yes I know you should go in and do it by hand, but when you're roughing in a tune, and VE analyzer or autotune puts a bunch of spikes in your map, it would be nice to have an algorithm that averages nearby values and smooths out your map for you.

It could have a variable to set how aggressively to smooth, another to limit how far from the orignal value to change individual points, etc. That way you could set it conservatively and run multiple iterations. Maybe even have an option to click on certain points and "lock" them as valid values, so points around them get smoothed... that would be taking it to the next level over HP even.

I'm sure this is a pretty big request, but just consider it a wish list!
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Re: Feature Request - Smoothing

Postby wrenchdad » Fri Apr 27, 2012 1:28 am

Both MegaLogViewer and TS have this feature on the tables action buttons across the top of the table, its the one on the far right, hover over it and it comes up "Interpolate" looks like a wand or pen (sort of) Just highlight a section of your table that you want to smooth and it will fix you right up.

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